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Mr.  Dan  Lantis
Superintendent/Principal/Transportation Supervisor
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Superintendent's Corner

Superintendent Notes

The 2016-2017 school year has begun with a smooth start that promises a good year for students and teachers. There are familiar faces and some new faces, which we are happy to welcome to Clark County School. Hilary Wheeler is the new Special Education Teacher. MaCoy Ward will be coaching the High School Boys Basket Ball. Cierra Radin will be the High School Girls Basket Ball coach. Everyone is enthused about the New Year and working hard to continue improving the educational system to meet the requirements of the Idaho Core Standards and implement our PBIS program.

Positive Behavior and Intervention Supports (PBIS) is a new program being implemented in both the Lindy Ross Elementary and Clark County Junior/Senior High this year. It is a nationally recognized program that has produced significant results in improving student behavior which also helps improve academic achievement. A team of five faculty members attended a week long training in Pocatello over the summer, and in cooperation with the entire schools staff developed the plan for implementation across the school district. This program will be further developed and implemented throughout the school year. Some of the highlights of the program include emphasizing positive interactions among students and between students and teachers. We are striving to have consistency in enforcement of school rules and improved communication between the school and parents. One of our goals is to have more positive communication going to parents.

The Annual Back to School Night was Wednesday Tuesday, August 31st.The program began with introductions in the JH/HS Library. The teachers were then available in their classrooms to greet the parents of the students.

School funding in Idaho has not kept up with the cost of providing for the education of our youth. What you may not be aware of is that the actual current year’s funding is determined by the attendance of students during this current school year. For every day a student is absent from school, the District loses about $70.00 in State funds it should receive to operate the schools. This is especially important during the first three months of the school year. The majority of our funding from the State depends on attendance during that time.

I want to encourage you to have your children in school each and every day that they are not definitely ill or injured. Please be sure to schedule any discretionary trips on Fridays, which are not school days. If at all possible, also please schedule medical appointments on Fridays.

It is generally recognized that quality education involves excellence in classroom instruction as well as quality in the other activities that are conducted for students. Our school has several opportunities for students to become involved in either, or both, extracurricular and intracurricular activities. I would urge parents to encourage their kids to become involved actively in one or more of these experiences. Students learn much more about working together and developing an attitude of success in activities than they can by only participating in and completing classroom requirements. Sure it takes more time and requires more parent support, but the rewards students will gain by being an active participant far outweighs the extra time involved.

Respected educational authorities believe that schools are a reflection of the society in which they function. If the society has high expectations of the students and an interest in the success of its students, the school can reflect that in its efforts. As the school year progresses, please be encouraged to support the students of your school in their efforts to learn and grow. Help your kids with their studies and homework. Expect them to be successful in their classes. Come to the games and cheer our teams to victory. Come to the music performances and other events, also remember the students in their fundraising efforts. The support this community provides for its school is impressive, and I would encourage the community members to continue their excellent efforts in this area.