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Susan King Staff Photo
Subjects Taught
English 10, English 11, English 12, English 9, Journalism, Speech


August 22, 2012


Dear Student,

     Education is an opportunity. Education is an important opportunity because it brings with it prospects for new experiences and understanding of how things work and how the world operates. However, that understanding can only be obtained by accepting responsibility for your own learning. Yes, to become educated you must also be held accountable for how you use your opportunities. To begin with, you learn to direct your own learning experiences. How do you direct your own learning? You start with a target in mind. Then, you need a plan on how to hit it.

     Prepare yourself each day. Always carry your tools for learning to each class. Yes, your pens and books are important, but equally important are your skills. Skills are tools you can take with you wherever you go. Here are a few skills you will need to have to achieve educational success, but may be unaware of them. Goal setting. Create a goal for yourself when each class session begins. Ask yourself, "What new skill is being taught, and what do I need to do to learn it?" Develop Ability. Be willing to develop a new way of thinking or building upon what you already know. Curiosity. Develop an inquisitive mind. Curiosity leads you to ask questions, and questions lead you to discover answers. Attentiveness. Focus your attention on the here and now. Permitting your mind to wander often gets you lost, so stay in the moment. Introspection. Perhaps, the most difficult thing is to accept our limitations. Look inside yourself, we all have them. What are yours? (Be prepared to identify and record one limitation when you return to class.) Openness. After an honest evaluation, be open to developing some new strategies of thinking and knowing. You will be asked to evaluate yourself as you lead parent teacher conferences, and again at the end of each quarter. Preparation. You need to prepare yourself because opportunity favors a prepared mind. When you are ready to learn new ideas and make connections to past experiences learning will take place.

     Mastery of new skills takes practice. Practice discovering connections, applications, and relationships about what you are learning to your personal life evolves over time. As you do make those connections and experience insights, share them with others, so they too may benefit from your new understanding. In taking the risk of sharing, you will be rewarded by the revelation you are thinking analytically and creatively. In addition, you will discover you are developing mastery of certain skills. At this point, you will realize you are in charge of your own thinking processes. You have hit the target. You will successfully be directing your own learning. 

     Hopefully, you have come to understand that life is a series of choices. There is always a fork-in-the-road with every decision that must be made. Each decision, in its turn, will lead to another fork-in-the-road (choice), etc. You may choose to pursue the best education you can possibly earn or get side-tracked by other pursuits. Remember, education is an opportunity. This is your time to get an education. Are you ready to enjoy the success you will earn? Well, all right then. Let's get started!


Aug 2007 - present

I have taught English 9, English 10, English 11, English 12, Journalism, and Speech classes for the past six years. All but Journalism are core classes that must be passed to graduate. The first two years the Journalism class produced the School District's newsletter. After that was discontinued, the class produced our high school's newspaper.

Duties outside the classroom have included: three years as the adviser to the Student Council (during this time, we rewrote the high school's constitution); three years as the Class of 2014 adviser; three years as the National Honor Society adviser, and this year Folkdance Team adviser.

 Aug 2006 - May 2007

I guided the journalism staff of the Idaho Falls High School's Tiger Times to win Second Place Large School Award at the Idaho Journalism Adviser's Association conference Oct. 2006. In addition, I advised the Spud yearbook staff at IFHS. They met their press deadlines. According to the Josten's representative. Meeting our deadlines saved the school approximately $4,000 in late fees that were paid the previous year.

Oct 2005 - May 2006 

I was the long-term Fourth grade substitute for Gerry Becker at Longfellow Elementary in Idaho Falls.  


     I am a transplant from California. I say transplant because I was already in full bloom when we arrived in Idaho over twenty-eight years ago. We love living in Idaho because the people here are earthy. They know how to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We do consider Idaho our home. I have always loved working with children and have seven of my own. When the time came to think about what I would do with the remainder of my life, I chose to return to school and become a teacher. 

     While I was at the university, I became a journalist. I enjoy writing. I wrote for the Standard Journal in Rexburg one summer to gain my journalism certification. I also lead the Tiger Times news staff to receive an award while I was their adviser. In addition, I was the Spud yearbook adviser. I am grateful that I may continue my work advising Clark County students who work on Paws on News school newspaper. 

     I consider volunteer work every citizen's responsibility. I have worked for political organizations and have maintained a strong interest in politics. I have been both a committee member and a den leader of Grand Teton Council Boy Scouts of America. I have been a girls' camp counselor on different levels of leadership. Working in these capacities, as well as other leadership responsibilities in my community have strengthened my planning and organizational skills.

     It has been my pleasure to work with your children in Dubois. I have told them the reason I love working with them is because they are wholesome individuals, with a work ethic that is exemplary to the rising generation. Thank you for this opportunity.


--Susan King