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Clases de Ingles de la Sra. King (Susan King) 9/11/2017

English Letter to Parents (Susan King) 9/11/2017

Speech Letter to Parents (Susan King) 8/19/2013



 Dear Parent(s) and Student,


        “Individuals who possess communication skills are more likely to be hired and be successful in their positions,” (Dr.’s Nancy Legg and James DiSanza, authors and communication directors at ISU, 1998). These authors have expressed why Speech/Communication classes are relevant now and valuable to a student’s future. Individuals who communicate effectively become the leaders and higher paid workers in society. Why? Because the skills learned in Speech/Communication classes help students become higher level thinkers. Perhaps, more importantly, they teach students how to enrich their personal relationships through better communication. Basically, these practical skills will empower individuals to become successful in all aspects of their lives.

        This Speech/Communication course is required for graduation from any public or private high school in Idaho. For this reason, it is imperative that each student approach this course with the same diligence as any other core class (English, Math, Reading, and Speech/Communication) in order to graduate. If students receive an “F” they will have to repeat this class in high school. Students who do every assignment on time and to the best of their ability will not fail the course.

        Public speaking is one of the highest ranked fears. It is ranked higher than the fear of heights or the fear of losing one’s life. This is especially true of a peer-conscious teenager. To help alleviate this fear, support from parent(s)/guardian(s) will be a key factor. If  students are well practiced before a speech, their fear will be lessened. Five points extra credit will be given to students who practice in front of a parent/guardian. The student must practice “talking” the speech, rather than reading it. This will require some memorization and eye contact. Students need to hand me a signed note from a parent on the day the speech is presented to receive the points.

        If you have any questions or special concerns, please contact me. I may be reached at Clark County High School from 7:30-8:00 a.m., 3:45-4:15 (374-5215), or you may email me: I am looking forward to a wonderful semester.


Sincerely yours,

Susan King