Personal Skills Announcements

  • 6 May 2020

    Zoom meetings have begun! I'm sorry we're late on the ball, but a circus clown can only juggle so much, so here we are!

    Zoom meetings will be held two more times:

    5/13- 10-10:30 AM

    5/20- 10-10:30 AM

    My goal is to have the link sent out to you before the morning of (my apolgies). These are for questions and help, so if you feel like you are fine, that is your call. But I would love to see your face!

    If you did not get the first link, please email me, facebook me, call me, whatever to make sure we can get you set up for those.

    -Mrs. Dalling

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Grading Policy

  • **Update 4/22/2020: The grades are now in pass/incomplete mode. This means that you must turn in every assignment in order to get credit for quarter 4. If there are any missing assignments, you will have an incomplete and be required to make up the work next year. Grading will not be as harsh or as intense, but the consequences of skipping assignments will be.

    Just as in class, you will have to still turn assignments in. Other than how we turn assignments in, grading will remain the same.

    Please, please, (and I cannot stress this enough) please follow the due dates so that I can grade things in a timely manner and you do not fall behind. With that, below is a list of ways to turn your assignments in.

    • You can email me the assignment: (preferred).
      You can either scan the assignment into a device and attach the file, or take a picture with your phone and email me the assignment.
    • Take a picture with a mobile device and text the assignment to me at 801-380-7838. 
      If you choose this option, make sure you text me your name with your assignment or it will be considered a no name assignment.
    • You can also send me a facebook message with the assignment attached.

    Please try to be consistent in how you submit your assignment so that I can look in a consistent location to find your assignments when it comes time to be completed.

    As always, if you have questions, please let me know!


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