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    Voting is Wednesday, 20 May- Thursday, 21 May.
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  • Ivy Shifflett

    Question: Give an example of a time you turned a weakness into a strength.
    "An example of a time when I have turned a weakness into a strength is when I had to play the “leadership” role in an academic group. Although I wasn’t fully practiced for it, due to it being last minute, I was successful in completing the task. This became one of my strengths because my leadership skills have grown tremendously from that experience. I now feel excited and ready when it comes to leading groups/activities. Thanks!! :)"

Vice President

  • Ellee Shifflett
    Question: How can your strengths help the students of CCHS?

    "Strengths that I have that will help the Clark County High School students are communication, and being a good listener. Being good at communication will help the students because they will always know what is going on so that they can participate. Listening is a strength that can help the students change something or solve issues so that their school year can be the best that it can be for everyone!"


  • Scottlynn Tavenner
    Question: Give an example of a time you and a team accomplished a goal. How did you contribute to the team's success?

    "When me and my class were doing our homoecoming float we had some students that couldn't help, This made it difficult because we had a lot to get done.I helped by listening to what needed to be done and helping wherever I could."


  • Andrea Acosta
    Question: When confronted with a difficult situation, how do you navigate through that?

    "When confronted with a difficult situation the way i navigate through it is by using communication if it involves a person because I know that communication is very important in resolving issues. I also make sure to keep a positive mindset and not let the situation get to me, by thinking that i can easily resolve the issue by talking to them. I also make sure to keep in mind the other persons feelings and try to image myself in their position. This helps me to be a more empathetic person and helps me over come the difficult situation by being understanding.”

Activities Manager

  • Johnny Perez
    Question: Give an example of a time when you overcame a challenge.

    "A time when I overcame a challenege would have to be right now. Deciding to run for an ASB office was a hard thing for me. I usually like to keep to myself, have never gotten too involved. But someone believed in me and it gave me the confidence I needed."