• Clark Co. Choir Workshop Songs

    Jubilate Deo

    Focus on singing the five pure Latin vowels
               (a=eh, i=ee, a=ah, o=oh, u=oo).
    Other pronunciation notes:
          "J"s are pronounced as "y"
                    (Jubilate = Yoo-bee-lah-teh and ejus = eh-yoos).
          Deo = Deh-oh, without diphthong (not Day-ohw)
          Laetitia = Leh-tee-tsee-ah
          Terra should be pronounced with a soft rolled r. 
                    It sounds almost like teh-dah, with a really light r and d.
          introite = een-troy-teh with a rolled r.
          Domino = Doh-mee-noh 

    Night Time Whitehill

               Night Time (YouTube link)     
         Focus on breath control and clear cut-offs.
          No breath and crescendo from mm 6-7 and mm 59-60
          No breath from m11 to m12 (connect "last" and " the harvest")
          Staggered breathing from m 31 to m 37.
         Use doo-doo instead of loo-loo on mm 17-25.
         Maintain a pure "oo" vowel throughout.
         Lips stay in an "oo" while the tongue flicks a soft "d" at each note change.

    Howdidow, Deediddleumday 

       Howdidow, Deediddleumday (YouTube link)

            Focus on rhythm and clean, crisp consonants.


    O, America

               Focus on phrasing and dynamics.
          There are a few spots that have alternative notes for either sopranos or baritones. Use them as needed. 
             Solo- mm 6-13 (3 may try out at Workshop)

          Nice recording of this song, but not exactly as we will be singing it.

                    Rexburg Childrens Choir Performance (MP3), Video


         Another YouTube link--similar but not exactly like the 3-part version

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