• FAQ'S For our School Board 

    Welcome community members to our Frequently Asked Questions page.  We as school board members are always being asked questions by people in our community.  I feel that some times community members don't feel like they are being heard, so I would like to welcome any patrons of our district or members of our community to ask us questions.  We always have a patron input section on our agendas for regular meeting, and as always, our meetings are open to anyone, even if you don't have a question and you just want to come down and see how meetings work.  You are free to ask questions there or if you cannot attend a meeting we welcome you to email or call us.  We will be posting the most asked questions here on this page and we will also try to take a question a meeting and answer it, we will then post the questions here to our page and also to the monthly newsletter.

    Thank you~ Erin Haight-Mortensen, Board Chair. 

    Q:  Can I bring my concern/complaint about a staff member or student before the Board?

    A: Yes and No.   It is always best to start at the beginning so to speak.  Schools are based on the chain of command system and the Board is the last link in the chain.  It is a good idea to start and the bottom and work your way up, remember the School Board is the "court system" of our schools, and if something works its way up the chain to us, we are responsible to hear the facts and make a decision based on the information presented to us.  The more impartial we can remain the better.  In emergency cases the Board can hear issues directly, but odds are, a decision cannot be made until research is done and all facts have been gathered.  

    Q: Why do we have a four day school week?

    A: Most people think that this is to save money, and while it is a nice thought, the budget is the same whether we have a four day week or a six day week.  The original intent behind this was, and still is, student achievement and improvement.  Having a four day week give the kids a refresher and helps them do better in school and on state tests. 

    Q: Why doesn't the board do a surprise walk through of the school?

    A: Most districts have policies that prevent the board from showing up unannounced.  This prevents teachers and administration from feeling like the Board is "looking over their shoulder".  In reality the Board only employs one person, the Superintendent, personal matters and day to day activity and running of the school is not our job, but the Superintendents. 

    Q: Why did you change the zones for the school board and how do I know what zone I am in?

    A:  Whenever the census is taken (every 10 years) we are required, as a district to review and if necessary, rezone the school.  The census provides us with population information, and the state requires that we even out the zones as much as possible.  This allows every one in the district equal access to your zone representative.  If you have questions about who your zone representative is you can call the school at anytime and ask.  Currently we are working on a simple map that can be put on the website and also sent in the monthly newsletter, so patrons can have a clearer idea as to which zone they fall in.