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    Do you want to read faster, have better mental focus, and comprehend what you are reading better or even improve test scores such as the SAT or ACT?  If so, please try this speed reading course. It is completely free. Check out this website to set up an account and get started: https://readspeeder.com/


    Next Steps Idaho is a great place to start exploring and planning for your future.  It has checklists for each grade 8-12; it has a future finder quiz that can help you see what careers you might be good at; and it has a place where you can explore all of Idaho’s colleges.  Go to https://nextsteps.idaho.gov/ to check it out.


    ACT Prep

    I’ve created a class at Prepfactory.com. It is called CCHS Test Prep.  Here is a link to the class: https://www.prepfactory.com/u/zW67m  

    This customizes the test prep so you only study areas you are weak in.  Please utilize this to help you improve your ACT score. A better score means more scholarship $$$$!