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Dubois Lions Patriotism Essay Contest Winners

The winners for the Lions Patriotism Essay for classroom and district are as follows:

Classroom Winners                                                              District 39E Winners

2nd Grade                                                                            2nd Grade

1st - Yaira Resendiz                                                            1st - Bryan Martinez, Dubois

2nd - Brogan Nielson                                                          3rd Grade

3rd - Bryan Martinez                                                           1st - Hannah Smith, Dubois

                                                                                              4th Grade

3rd Grade                                                                              1st - Kimberly Pittman, Dubois

1st - Antonia Aleman                                                          5th Grade

2nd - Hannah Smith                                                             2nd - Ben Stewart, Dubois

3rd - Tony Ledezma


4th Grade

1st - Lindsay Perez

2nd - Isael Ruiz

3rd - Kimberly Pittman


5th Grade

1st - David Maldonado

2nd - Ben Stewart

3rd - Dylan Snodgrass


6th Grade

1st - Jordyn Hurst

2nd - Jaylyn Islas

3rd - Breanna Figueroa


Congratulations Dubois!

Results for multiple District Winners is not done.

Awards will be sent to respective teachers when final results are recieved. Thanks to all for a greta job!!