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Message from the Superintendent-March 28, 2020

Message from the Superintendent:  Paula L. Gordon

March 28, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians:

The COVID-19 pandemic is quickly spreading across the United States and is disrupting all facets of life as we know it.  Education and school systems nation-wide are not exempt from this confusion.

One thing that I know is that information and updates are coming in so rapidly, that daily and or even hourly updates become outdated before it can be communicated out to you.  Because of this, I have tried to be cognizant of sending out too much information too quickly in concern that the changes will cause even more unnecessary confusion.  

Please know that this is new for all of us and we are all in unchartered waters together trying to come up with the best solutions for our students.  Even though as with everything, events are quickly changing, I would like to try to address some of your concerns…just know that these could change.


When will school resume for Clark County?

The State Board of Education directive was made on March 24th to close all schools in the state of Idaho until April 20th.  This closure also follows Governor Brad Little’s Extreme Emergency Declaration and Stay Home Order issued on March 26th.  Therefore, Clark County will remain closed through this date and any closures beyond this date will be dependent on what happens with the spread of the COVID-19. 


When will the Emergency Feeding Program Resume for Clark County?

Our amazing Child Nutrition and Transportation Departments will be back in full swing Monday, March 30th, 2020 insuring that all children ages 1-18 are fed.  Jay will plan for the normal orders unless you give her a call and let her know otherwise.  If you have not ordered a meal yet during our school closure and would like to, please call or text Jay at:  208-520-8099. Additionally, if you are unsure of which site your child would receive a meal at, please call or text Michael at:  530-632-9455 or look on our website. Finally, please remember to abide by the appropriate social distancing when waiting for your order.  Help us keep everyone healthy and safe!


How will school continue for our students at Clark County and when?

As I am sure you all can imagine, a closure of such magnitude presents a number of challenges for which many considerations must be taken under advisement.  For example, what is the best most consistent way for our students to learn while schools are closed? What is the least stressful method of presenting instruction for both students, teachers, and parents in such a stressful time?  Do our students, teachers have internet or devises etc. at home? Providing our students with online or other remote options is something that the Administration and Leadership team is working relentlessly on to provide our students with the best possible education.  Please remember that this remote learning program is being developed to meet the needs of ALL our students including those with Individual Education Plans and 504s. We will continue to be working through these logistics, but please expect a plan on how to deliver instruction, this week and for instruction to begin April 6th.  In the meantime, as always please know that your teachers, staff, and administration will be here for you and our students and we will be checking in weekly.  


What happens if school is unable to resume after April 20th, 2020 for Clark County?

At this point, no one knows what tomorrow will bring, so if it is alright with you all I would ask that we all be patient and let’s see where we are at after April 20th.  Please rest assured that there  are several possibilities and I will act accordingly and in the best interest of our students when and if the time comes. 


With the Clark County School District Closed until April 20th, how can I get ahold of someone should I need assistance?

We have created an email that will be monitored daily.  Should you have any questions or concerns please feel free to email us at and we will make sure that the appropriate person receives your email and gets back to you.  Your teachers will also be reaching out to you as well and providing you with a way to contact them.  Additionally, feel free to always utilize the Clark County Bobcats Facebook site as well as we monitor it daily. 


Will our Clark County seniors be able to graduate?

If your senior was on track to graduate at the end of the year, yes they will graduate.  


What happens to all of the upcoming events scheduled at Clark County such as Prom; Graduation; Sports; etc?

At this time Prom and sporting events are cancelled at least until after April 20th.  We will re-evaluate after this date.  As for graduation ceremonies, again this will be dependent upon what happens with the spread of COVID-19.  So please be patient and be looking for further announcements.


What can I do as a Clark County parent to help my child?

One of the most important things that you can do right now as a parent is to spend as much time with your family as your time will allow.  This is a time of uncertainty for them and can be a very scary time for them as well. Take time to play or dance together, be silly, teach them to do something new, do puzzles or chores, create Tik Tok videos together, read a favorite book together, work on school lessons, hold them close or just hang out.  But most importantly, make sure that you are checking in with them and asking them how they are doing or feeling, ask questions and listen. 

Thank you for being such a FABULOUSLY supportive community to serve! Take care, stay home, and most importantly stay safe!   

With Bobcat Pride,

Paula L. Gordon