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Message from the Superintendent-March 18, 2020

Message from the Superintendent:  Paula L. Gordon

March 18, 2020

I wanted to send a big shout out to our AWESOME Child Nutrition Staff (Jay, Robin, Patty, and Aly); our FABULOUS Transportation Staff (Michael and Randy); AMAZING Head Teacher (Melissa) and SUPER Office Staff and Communicators (Rosa, Michael, Michelle S. and Erica) for going above and beyond to insure that our children get fed during this time!  You all did a great job with organizing this program on such short notice, calling parents, communicating out, preparing food, and delivering our sack breakfasts and lunches.  Thank you for all your hard work and LOVE you put into our children!  We are lucky to have you!

Today’s Grab and Go Program was a huge success!  We were able to serve 62 lunches and breakfasts to our children and were expecting 81.  

District personnel will be contacting those who did not show up or come out to get their food.  Once you place an order, should your plans change, please let us know if you will not be requiring a breakfast/lunch.  Jay can be reached at 208-520-8099. Also, please be mindful of arriving at the drop off/pick up areas during the scheduled times.  

Again, a job well done!  Thank you!

Paula L. Gordon